Luxbox | Designerbox n°2

Light-box . Luminaire-vitrine . ライトボックス  (2013)

The Luxbox is a light box created and produced specifically for

The idea of illuminating reveals the sensitive creative approach of French-Japanese designers Aki and Arnaud Cooren. The Luxbox blends the aesthetic simplicity of Japan with Western functionality, Cartesian approach – a subtle combination which serves as an indoor light and an artistic display case for any precious object to be contemplated.

Simplicity and ingenuity characterise A+A Cooren’s creations. For designerbox, a numbered wooden box was utilised and transformed into a lamp, or a light box, to house objects in the collection along with precious objects of the home.

Designerbox n°2 transports us to the Orient with the Sashiko (silkscreened on the front), a traditional Japanese embroidery pattern or latticework, designed to represent the indigo work clothes worn traditionally by the Japanese.

Beyond the object, A+A Cooren have used their talent to promote other designers participating in by creating an object which can showcase other designers’ collections. is a new design box sending service of unique objects in limited edition. The complete collection is created by various leading international designers, made in just one month and delivered in their numbered series from €29/month.

Manufactured by Designerbox, 2013
photo © Vincent Poinas


Luxbox, original version


Luxbox, Iconic Serie version